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The Inspiration was launched with one core goal in mind — to help protect consumers from uninsured companies. verifies that businesses have insurance and then lists those businesses as “Insurance Verified” on the website.

The company was founded by former insurance executives who were aware of  dozens of businesses operating companies without insurance. According to founder Rusty Brett, the motivation to launch InsuredBusinesses was two-fold.

“First, there are uninsured claims quietly happening every day. In a span of about two weeks, I learned of a flooring contractor that had completely destroyed a kitchen floor. Then, a local auto repair shop didn’t properly install brakes on a vehicle and ultimately caused a major collision because of a mechanic’s mistake. Neither company had the proper coverage or the money to repair the damages, so the consumer had to figure out how to pay the bill.”

“If that’s not enough, my team did our research and we couldn’t find a single city in our home state of Missouri that requires insurance to operate their business. I mean how absurd is that, right? How can any city let a business operate without liability insurance designed to protect consumers? Every day we are letting people work on our homes, work on our vehicles and even take care of our kids, when many of those businesses don’t have the insurance to protect us if they make a mistake — and every business is likely to make a mistake.”  

Someone needed to take a stand — and that’s exactly what the team did. We launched a company that verifies businesses’ insurance with hopes of protecting consumers from financial loss due to a business mistake or negligent business practices. Initially, we will focus our efforts on industries it’s especially vital to have insurance that protects consumers, including home improvement contractors, auto repair companies, and day care providers.

Benefiting Both Consumer and Business Owner

It is both time-consuming and awkward to ask every business for proof of insurance before using their services. Thankfully can help. Before consumers hire contractors or other businesses, they can go to to check the insurance verification status of the company they want to hire. The website allows consumers to search for businesses by name and category. Not only is the website user-friendly, it is completely free to use. With no fees, memberships or sign-up requirements, enables  consumers to make informed decisions about the companies they choose to do business with, at no cost whatsoever.

also benefits responsible business owners. By listing their business on, not only are business owners positioning themselves as “one of the good guys” (and giving themselves an advantage over uninsured competition), but doing so also provides an opportunity for that business to get found online on an authoritative site.

Get Started

For consumers, getting started is as easy as going to From there, you can simply search business names or categories before you hire someone for a home project, auto repair or daycare need.

As a business owner, establishing a newfound sense of trust with your clients is as simple as creating a profile on our site. The IB team will then begin the insurance verification process, and you’ll be on your way to providing your consumers with a sense of security and peace of mind that can’t be matched by your uninsured competitors. Getting listed on the site will not only help you establish trust with your clients before they hire you, but it will also give them the security and peace of mind that your uninsured competitors just cannot.

Author: The IB Staff

The team at is devoted to helping protect consumers from uninsured businesses. Through education, business verifications and working with cities to better protect it’s citizens, we believe we can create safer communities.